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    Congratulations, and thank-you for selecting Amadeus Pro Printer to manage your Amadeus documents.
Central system data delivery has never been so easy with secure, reliable delivery and printing anytime, anywhere. Amadeus Pro Printer allows you to service your customers world-wide, using the latest browser based technology distribution, with maximum flexibility and optimum productivity.
Because we know that security is crucial to you, let us remind you that your printing and accounting information are highly secured with certificates and encryption. Amadeus Pro Printer also provides friendly graphical user interfaces for configuration and troubleshooting of ticket, invoice, itinerary, hardcopy printers, and accounting interface records.

So, quick, if you have not already done so, install your printer certificates and jump into the world of Amadeus Internet Ticketing. For more information on how to get a certificate, please contact your local Amadeus representative.
Amadeus Pro Printer version available on the server for download:
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